Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Couch Cushions and Back Bends

Liv and I were playing a game where she was the architect, and I was the builder, and we stacked three couch cushions on top of each other. I thought this would make a good spot for me to try a back bend (spoiler: I can't do a back bend). Liv yelled, "That's not what this is for!" and jumped on top of the cushions just as I went to do a back bend. I fell on top of her, and the cushions slid, knocking us both to the ground. "You're squishing me!" Liv said. But when I tried to get up, I could only lift my head up two inches because she was laying on my hair, and I was laying on her. So I was stuck staring at the ceiling, and Liv was stuck being squished. After yelling and giggling for Tyler to help us, he finally saved us by pulling us up at the same time. We are ridiculous.

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