Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life Changes Yet Again for the Madsens

What do you write after an 8 month absence? I guess all the crazy updates.

I spent 3 weeks in Russia last summer and had the time of my life! All that was missing was Tyler and Liv!

I came back and started what I didn't know would be my last semester of grad school. During that semester:

  • Liv started preschool at Bloomington United Gymnastics and Soccer and loved it!!
  • We found out I was pregnant
  • I went home for Amy's bridal shower
  • Ran two Color Run 5k with Liv
  • We spent most of Thanksgiving break in Chicago (freezing!)
  • Tyler received a job offer in Utah with 4Life in their International Department--Eurasia
  • I turned 30
  • Tyler tiled the bathroom
  • We packed up the house
  • Moved to Utah
  • I passed the Foreign Service Exam!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (A huge goal of mine)
  • I interviewed for the job I have now (Director of International Outreach at More Good Foundation)
Apparently we like to have all life-changing news happen at the same time.

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