Monday, September 20, 2010

Nephews' and nieces' thoughts on pregnancy

I really should have written a lot of this when I was at home, because I know I won't remember all of the great things the grandkids said about the baby. A couple of my favorites, though:

Annalee--"How does your baby get out?"
Me--"Anna, your kids have a question for you!" I then went on to explain the doctor makes a little cut so the baby can get out (their mom had c-sections with them), and then feeling like this might be traumatizing, I threw in, "And there are other ways..." before quickly changing the subject.

As Anna was driving away with her kids, there was a chorus of, "Bye Kimmie!" "We love you!" "Bye" "See you soon!" and then my favorite..."We love you! And we love your baby, too!"

Leslie and her kids came to visit, too and had some great oneliners. Jared was dying that I was married and pregnant (he's 14) and thinks I should have stayed single forever so I could be the fun aunt and hang out with him instead of talking to Tyler. After he met Tyler he really liked him though, so I think he's torn on that point.

Janie, one of Leslie's girls, went shopping with me for baby clothes. We walked into Carter's and she saw the sleeper pajamas and said, "Oh, I hope they have those in a 6T! Oh, I hope they have my size! I wish I was a baby!!" She would then bring me all these cute clothes to look at, and would say, "I'm gonna die! These are so cute, I'm gonna die!" This soon changed into, "We have to leave--I don't want to die!" Seriously so fun to shop with.

So many fun things were said, I wish I could remember them all. A post for a different day, I guess :)

Is your baby comin' out??

For the sake of just posting again, I thought I'd write about my cute niece Taryn and her thoughts on my being pregnant.

At first Taryn was a bit confused by this whole "baby in my tummy" thing. She's about 2 1/2 I think. Maybe 3. I'll fix this later lol So she gets it now that I have a baby that is growing in my tummy, but not so much this whole 9 month thing. I tried to explain that the baby wouldn't come until about Christmas time. Still, every time I saw her while I was in Utah she would ask (in the cutest Taryn voice), "Did your baby come out yet?" or "Is your baby comin' out?" I think she gets it, but we may still need to work on this one.

Another time Taryn says to me, "I'm gonna tickle your baby, put her in the stroller, and rock-a-bye baby!" She's way excited to have a new cousin.

My mom told me that now Taryn comes up to her and says, "We don't do this with Kimmie's baby" then punches her own arm before saying, "we go like this--so soft!" and starts petting her arm. The other day while I was talking to Taryn on the phone, grandma asked her, "Are we going to be rough with Kimmie's baby?" Shocked face from Taryn: "Oh, no! We be so soft and so nice!" and then starts petting her arm again.

It was really cute a couple of days ago. We were talking and Taryn said, "How's your baby?" I told her she was doing well and that she kicks all the time now and that if Taryn was here she'd be able to feel her kicking and even see my stomach move when the baby does. So later that day my mom asked if she talked to me and Taryn says, "Yes, and the baby was KICKING the whole time!" My mom said that at the same time Taryn was kicking her little feet back and forth. Taryn had also talked to Tyler that day (as they were talking she said, "How is your day?"--she's learning to talk like a grown-up :) ), and my mom asked who else she got to talk to. She got all excited/shy and said, "Tyler." She has a little crush on him I think. When she first met him she went home and was talking about "cute baby Tyler" and always asks where he is when I'm around.

These stories may not be as cute to you, but that's just cuz you can't hear her little voice and see her cute curly blonde hair and funny faces :)