Sunday, November 25, 2012

Phone calls

Liv had been wanting to talk to Amy for awhile, so when I was talking to her on the phone yesterday, I let Liv talk to her.  We were in the car running errands, and she just talked and talked and talked to Amy, Grandma, and Grandpa (DeGroff).  She would not let me take the phone back.  She kept telling them all about what she was doing and what was around her.  It was the first time she's had a really long conversation on the phone where you can tell that she knows she is talking to someone.  For a long time she's been able to talk a little on the phone, but was never comfortable just having a long conversation.  Last night, she was telling them about the water she was holding, what she was watching, what she was wearing, etc.  And she kept addressing them by name: "I have sparkle shoes, Grandpa.  I have sparkle shoes, Grandpa.  I have water.  I'm watching signing time.  I love signing time, Grandpa."  It was so cute!  If she felt like they weren't listening or didn't hear, she'd repeat and say there name.  And her intonation was right on when she said, "I love you,  Amy."

Then this morning, she grabbed a pretend phone while I was getting ready and said, "Hello, Liv is here.   Uh huh." She was having the cutest little conversation.  I wish I could get all of these things on camera, because describing them just doesn't do it justice!

Daddy "taked" it

We went shopping yesterday and had some apple slices with us.  Liv had been eating one and took it into the store with us.  She handed it to Tyler, leading him to believe she was done, so he ate it.  Then I came over to them, and she told me she wanted her apple, and that "Daddy taked it!"  It was so hilarious!

Then today on the way to church, Tyler ate the last pretzel, and just after he popped it in his mouth, Liv said she wanted one.  We had to tell her they were gone, and she said, "Daddy ate them all!"

Needless to say, Liv will probably be a little more careful with her food around daddy ;)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dolphin Show

We took Liv to Indianapolis to the zoo today for the dolphin show.  We ended up going to the 12:30 and the 2:30 show because she loved it so much.  On our way out the second time, she said, "Dolphins are amazing!  They're great jumpers!"  She's already asked us a few times to go back and see them :)

We also loved seeing the seal, elephants, zebras, and the fish.  She liked looking at the sharks, but didn't want to pet one!  I'll post some videos we took.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


Ever since we took Liv to the orchestra concert a few weeks ago, she has been talking about violins and cellos (really, she was before that, but even more now).  She told me she really wanted a violin, so I asked if she would practice every day if I got her one.  She said, "Practice every day.  Promise."  So Tyler and I found an electric violin for kids online today and got it for her birthday.  It looks real, and plays music only when the bow moves across the strings, so it seems realistic.  Can't wait to give it to her!  And we just found out our friend Amanda used to teach kids to play the violin, so we're hoping we can have her teach Liv when the time comes!  We're in the same program, and she just started with me this year, so we'll be here for the same amount of time :)

Keep Your Eye on the Ball

Tyler, Liv, and I were playing catch with her little soccer ball, and Liv was doing a pretty good job of catching it.  One time when she missed, though, Tyler told her to keep her eye on the ball, so she put the ball up to her eye!  Love her!

Another great moment tonight was when she told Tyler and I to "Stay there.  I want a timeout."  It's so exhausting dealing with parents.

Next, she said, "Bye mommy, bye daddy.  I'm going to school!"

She makes being a parent so fun!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mr. Autumn Man Party and Twinkle Baby Star

We went to Kate and John's "Mr. Autumn Man Walking Down Street with Cup of Coffee, Wearing Sweater Over Plaid Collared Shirt" (basically We Love Fall, but Really Hate Winter) party tonight.  On our way to pick up Amanda and Andrew for the party, Liv was singing in the backseat.  She sang all of the words to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, but on the last line added in, "Twinkle, twinkle, baby star."  It was so sweet!  I just love her little singing voice!

Between the Halloween party last week and tonight's party, we've been able to see a lot of our friends from school.  It has been so fun to get to spend time with friends from our department!  They really are so great!  I met a girl from the Chekov class, Lizzie, that was really fun to talk to.  She is from the comp lit department, and talking with her and our other friends just reaffirmed how excited I am to be studying literature!  So many fun people were there tonight (Michael, Bryan, Natalie, Alyona, Amanda, Lizzie, Andrew, and Kate and John, of course).  Happy to be studying/friends with such amazing people!