Thursday, April 12, 2012


We took Liv for her 15 month check-up last Friday (even though she turned 16 months yesterday). She is at 28 months according to the development test! She is really strong verbally, so that is a lot of what pushed her so far ahead. She is 21 lbs (25th %) and 30" tall (50th %). She still hates being at the Dr.'s because she knows they will give her shots. Can't wait until we're caught up and don't need them every time we go!

Another Show

Liv loves saying that. We let her watch an educational Russian show for toddlers, and she loves it! She has started saying the Russian word for triangle, and it's so sweet! She also says the Russian word for peek-a-boo now instead of the English. In Russian it's ku-ku. She also likes to watch a Russian cartoon called Masha and Bear, which is a cute cartoon about a little girl and a bear, as you may have guessed. She just laughs and laughs. She doesn't watch signing time as much, but still really likes it and occasionally uses signs still.

Today Liv came up and asked to watch something, but I couldn't tell what it was she wanted. She kept repeating it over and over, but I had expected ku-ku or Masha. Turns out she wanted Cinderella! She watched part of it at her friend's yesterday and remembered it. It was pretty cute :) She calls it Cin-rella.

Still Our Little Reader

Now for the exciting stuff: Liv! She is such a smart little girl and learns so fast! She still loves to have us read to her, and just this week she has started pretending to read the books to us or to herself. It is so sweet! She has these little Disney board books that she likes to carry around and read. Her favorite books, though, are "I Love You Through and Through," "The Artist Who Painted the Blue Horse," "I Love You Mommy," and "Where is Baby's Pumpkin?" Really, there are many more she likes to read, like the ones with googly eyes and a host of others, but I thought I'd at least put those ones down.

Tyler and Kimberly School Updates.

So I've decided it's time to start blogging again. It has been so long and so much has happened since I last wrote. An update on school:

Tyler will be teaching 2nd-year Russian this summer at Indiana University's SWSEEL. And I will be taking Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian there. I found out today that I got Title VIII funding, which is such a blessing! Tuition is covered, and I get a stipend. I also have a FLAS for Russian for Fall-Spring 2012-2013 which is very exciting! Things couldn't be going better as far as school and funding goes :)