Thursday, February 24, 2011

Love my friends, love my life

I got together with some of my favorite people tonight. Ammon, Jen, Liz, Mama, and Shane. It was so fun talking about old times and remembering just how much I love these people and that time of my life. We laughed and told stories, and Katie mistook Liv for Mama's baby (mostly cuz of her name ;) ). We even realized that Shane and I had gone out three times, and I remembered a fourth after he left lol There was a scandal as I mistakenly thought Ammon had been de-friended on facebook. Turns out it was only in real life. Phew ;)

As everyone was leaving, I was thinking how great it is to have such good friends and to be able to keep in touch. I was thinking how sad I was that I don't get to see them as often as I used to. Then I walked upstairs and went to crawl into bed and there was Liv, sleeping peacefully. All the love I have for Liv and Tyler just hit me so hard. I thought, how lucky am I to love my old life, and to love the life I have now? How I got so lucky to have such great friends and a great husband and daughter I'll never know. What I do know is that I am so blessed. Looking at Liv's cute little face while she slept filled me with so much peace. I love what I have, I love where I've been, and I'm so excited for a future filled with family, friends, and new experiences yet to come.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Starting out strong...until we give up

So Tyler and I decided we're going to try to eat better (yes I realize this is ridiculous, given that I'm making a chocolate chip cookie pie). We've been talking about doing the Zone diet and were saying we were going to miss carbs, especially cereal. So I said that we didn't necessarily need to be strict, we could just do our own version. In response, Tyler said, "We should start out strong and then slowly give up." So here's to starting out (somewhat--again, the cookie pie) strong, and give up from there!

And we're back...

So for months I've said I'm going to start blogging again. Every time something funny happens, I say, "I'm totally blogging about this." But then I never do. So I'm in the middle of making a delicious chocolate chip cookie pie (from and thought, oh I'm going to blog later. Instead of waiting and never doing it, I'm blogging now. Here is the pie I'm making. It looks so delicious!!