Friday, July 26, 2013

Russia on My Mind

I have had insomnia for days (meaning as soon as I wake up in the night, I can't fall back asleep, so I do get some sleep, just not as much as I'd like), and I woke up at 4:00 am.  After trying unsuccessfully to sleep, I decided to be ridiculous and ask Tyler if he wanted to wake up and bleach my hair, because who doesn't want to do that at 4:20 am?  So here we are, putting foils in my hair, hoping it'll process before I have to leave and catch my shuttle to the airport. Did I mention we're using a pinwheel because we couldn't find a comb?

I am really excited to be going back to Russia, but I'm nervous in a way I haven't experienced yet.  I always miss my family when I'm gone, but it's different now that I have a child.  I have dreaded leaving Liv ever since I was accepted to the program.  I'm so torn between wanting to go to Russia and wanting to just stay and hang out with her.  Luckily, she is excited that she is going on a trip of her own to grandma and grandpa's, and she can't wait to see her cousins!  I think the separation will be harder on me than on her.  I'm also sad to be leaving Tyler, and this will be the longest that we've been apart since we got married.

The good news: I'm going to Russia!  And people want to go to the banya!!! Already a very promising adventure :)  The other students seem like they will be so much fun to get to know better, and they are up for exploring, so I'm very happy!  I also get to visit Moscow on Saturday and see some friends from when I lived there.  It makes me so nostalgic for my summer there in 2009.  That was one of the happiest times in my life, and it will be weird to go back without some of the people that made it so unforgettable (Acia, Eli, and Tyler to be precise).

Here's to more great memories.  Wish me luck!


  1. You canNOT go without me!!! But if you must, you know all of the things you have to do. And please find Akuli and let me know how they're doing.

    Ugh. Feeling all kinds of nostalgic right now.

    1. Sometimes I lay in bed with my eyes shut tight and I try to imagine that it's June 2009 again. That's not to say that I'm not happy with life now, but I wouldn't mind living that all over again 2,000 more times.

  2. Oh my gosh I know! I keep wishing I could somehow make it be June 2009 and I keep waking up to 2013. Apparently akuli knew you were out of town because they weren't there when I went to Novokuznetskaya. I was so nostalgic the whole time I was there!

  3. Hi Kim!! It's Dominique from SWSEEL :) Reading this describes exactly how I feel. I was supposed to be flying out today but due to my neverending battle with procrastination, I had to push it back two days. I'm so excited and nervous and curious about how it's going to be when I land. I'm considering starting a blog for my time there but I'm not sure. Anyway I love your blog :)